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Membership Criteria for the Main Forum:

This is generally restricted to truecels, but exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis with regard to incel non-virgins. Femoids, male homosexuals and all normies (bluepilled AND blackpilled) are banned from posting on www.truecels.org. All larpers / fakecels will be permanently banned upon discovery.

Membership Criteria for the Private Subforums:

Posters will be considered for membership in the private subforum area after making a total of 500 posts. This will allow them to post in one of the subforums, provided they are unanimously approved for membership by staff.

After making a total of 1000 posts, users may be granted full access to the private subforum area. Prospective candidates will be thoroughly vetted before being granted full membership privileges. (If the post contributions are low effort or random shit posts the user most likely won't be granted access to the private forums by staff.)

1. Posts

1.1 NO Bluepills
Bluepilled advice (like "Just hit the gym, bro" or "Go see a therapist") will not be tolerated anywhere in this community.

1.2 NO Virgin Shaming and Bragging
Virgin shaming and bragging about past sexual experiences, even if they happened a long time ago, are not allowed.

1.3 NO Trolling / Baiting
Blatantly inflammatory troll posts / threads are not allowed.

1.4 NO Chad / Femoid Worship
Worship posts / threads are not allowed.

1.5 NO Spamming
No low-effort posts / spam.

1.6 NSFW
Porn / Gore material is allowed, but should be marked with a spoiler tag.

1.7 Illegal Activities
We promote freedom of speech but planning / encouraging illegal activities is not permitted. In particular, users are strongly advised to not make any credible threats against specific persons and / or specific places.

1.8 Doxing
Posting someone's personal information without their permission will result in a permanent ban, no exceptions.

2. Accounts

2.1 Sharing Accounts
You are not allowed to share your account with other users.

2.2 Multiple Accounts
You are allowed to have multiple / alternate accounts. Using this privilege for exploitative purposes (avoiding a ban, abusing the rep / like system) is not allowed.

3. Avatars

3.1 Nothing NSFW
No femoids may be used for this purpose (2D is allowed).


What is inceldom?

On www.truecels.org, inceldom (involuntary celibacy) is defined as the inability to have sex or establish an intimate relationship for a period of 3 years or more, despite being willing and able to do so. Because the male sex drive is significantly stronger than the female, women and male homosexuals cannot even begin to comprehend the suffering and agony of prolonged sexual starvation.

Inceldom is a far worse fate than male-on-female rape; a woman can at least recover from rape in a very short period of time, whereas the incel must endure psychological anguish and a plethora of depression-related physical ailments for the rest of his natural life. A man who rapes a woman is actually paying her the highest compliment; he reminds her that she is still wanted and that her reproductive value is so high that men will sacrifice their own freedom just to have sex with her; on the other hand, female rejection of the beta or omega male is the worst insult imaginable because he is continuously reminded of his genetic inferiority; he is told on a daily basis that no one wants him, that he is less-than-human filth. He continues to pursue the female, driven by a powerful sexual instinct that can never be satisfied because of his physical ugliness. The female, whose cavewoman brain is deeply horrified by the prospect of being impregnated by genetically inferior males, uses the police state apparatus and her personal army of white knights to persecute and even destroy the inferior male.

To summarize:

An incel is basically an animated corpse in the land of the living. His hell is already here.

What is the difference between a truecel and an incel?

An incel is a male who has neither had sex nor been in an intimate relationship for more than a 3 year period, although he is actively and continuously searching for both. He may or may not be a virgin. A truecel is a male who has never had sex or been in an intimate relationship, although he strongly desires both with great intensity. Unlike the typical incel, the truecel is so physically repulsive that he has never kissed, hugged or otherwise touched a member of the opposite sex. Women fear him and are so disgusted by his physical appearance they go out of their way to ruin his life. Trueceldom is a permanent, lifelong condition.

Incels and truecels are always of the male sex and of heterosexual orientation for obvious biological and genetic reasons. Any woman or male homosexual, no matter how physically deformed or repulsive, can always find willing, even reasonably attractive partners.

What is the black pill?

There are three pills: a blue one, a red one and a black one.

The blue pill is the world of delusion and is represented by such naïve leftist philosophies as feminism, cultural Marxism and political correctness; the red pill acknowledges the brutal reality of Darwinian sexual selection, but only to a certain extent; red pill advocates still embrace bluepilled ideas like "game" and being able to feign being alpha. The black pill, the darkest, most nihilistic of the three pills, refers to the fact that mating success for males is largely determined by level of physical attractiveness. These are both universal and objectively determined; if a man is deemed unattractive in Paris or London, he will be found unattractive in Tokyo or Beijing. This fact is based on the fundamental recognition that women of all races and cultures possess the same evolved psychology.

It must be emphasized that physical attractiveness is not the only determinant of a man's mating success; if he is very rich or a famous rock star, he can easily bypass the required minimum standard of physical attractiveness to win himself a desirable mate. However, very few beta and omega males are musical virtuosos or capable of amassing great wealth. For these men, unless they meet the minimum threshold of physical attractiveness, they are either forced to sacrifice whatever material resources they have for low quality mates or, in the case of omega males, are permanently barred from all mating opportunities with the human female, forced to endure a lifetime of the most punishing involuntary celibacy.

The black pill goes beyond the field of sexual attraction to embrace all aspects of life. It is well known that physical attractiveness, like IQ, is positively correlated with such variables as socioeconomic status, home ownership, superior health and well-being, and popularity. Attractive people are more likely to get hired for well-paying jobs, more likely to experience career success and less likely to be convicted in a court of law. Systemic discrimination against genetically inferior males is deeply ingrained in all societies, but is even more intense and more virulent in societies where women's rights and feminism have been allowed to do their very worst.
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